Important Announcement Due to lack of funds, we are not accepting any new proposals for an unknown period. Thank you for your understanding.


 A typical award period is as follows:

Issue Request for Proposals April 1
Summary Proposal Submission Deadline September 30
Announcement of Shortlist January 1
Final Proposal Submission Deadline January 31
Announcement of the Grant Nominees April 1
Grant Interviews TBA
Award Ceremony TBA
Implementation Interviews TBA
Award Ceremony TBA

Quotes, Facts, and Testimonials

The Peace Projects and the Istanbul Summit created a wonderful and exceptional environment that allowed me to have an in-depth understanding of the issues and restrictions before peace efforts around the world. I consider myself blessed to meet brave, passionate and talented people who devoted their lives to international development, which, I strongly believe, make a tremendous positive difference in the lives of people.

Jury Member